IvyTies: A social network for college admissions

Will you be applying to college soon? Are you tired of checking college rankings and guidebooks to help you with college admission decisions? Want to find out which college fits your preferences and your personality?

Take a break, now you can have all the needed information about the college admission process all in one place. IvyTies offers you the best platform to learn about over 10,000 colleges all around the world. It is the only academic social network that connects college applicants not with just fellow applicants and current, past students, but also with universities they are interested in.

For many prospective students, being aware of the admission competition that they face at different universities can help them identify colleges in which they have a decent chance of admission. However, there are not much options available for students to find such valuable information. International students face additional uncertainty as the proportion of international students that colleges admit is not centrally available anywhere. Similarly, information about admission requirements, admission tests, admission interviews, etc. are not available at a central location. The availability of all this important information in one location is what makes IvyTies unique and invaluable for college applicants.

Many students wish to get admitted in universities, which offer some type of scholarship or student loans. But the scarcity of such information in a central location prevent students in taking right admission decisions. On IvyTies, students will be able to find out which universities offers or which students receive scholarships again in one central location. Applicants can find out the number of students like them who receive some form of financial aid or other support. Moreover, IvyTies helps students learn about other scholarship opportunities available outside university.

As a social network IvyTies help students to learn and understand colleges well before they apply, in the company of other applicants and current and former students. The wealth of information about universities available on IvyTies cannot be found anywhere else. IvyTies is the only social network exclusively for college applicants, current college students, and college alumni.


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